Each month, we have a Q&A where we answer whatever questions you may have about the Royals.  As we now have a site dedicated to writing to the royals and our replies, we thought it was best to have two separate Q&As. One for general Royal stuff on Gert's Royals. And one for writing to the Royals on Gert's Royal Replies.

You can find a link to both of this Month's Q&A below. If you have a Question ask it in the comment section below, or in the comment section on the appropriate Q&A page.  We will get to all your questions as soon as we can.

This month's Q&A


  1. Hello! I just wanted to ask if you have any experiences in writing to Leonore, Estelle, Gabriel, Alexander of Sweden for their birthdays? Or maybe with the children of the Kings from Spain and the Netherlands? How likely is it for them to reply? Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Gert! I mailed a card to Prince Harry for his birthday in September and have not yet received a response. Have you received a response for his birthday?