Friday, January 25, 2019

King Philippe & Queen Mathilde of Belgium - Christmas (2018)

A lovely reply arrived today from Belgium. I had written to King Philippe & Queen Mathilde to wish them a Merry Christmas.

The Belgium royals have a lot of different envelopes they use. (I've gotten 12 different versions). This one features King Philippe & Queen Mathilde's joint monogram on the front. I've only ever gotten one like this with their Christmas replies, so I think it is reserved for occasions when they send cards with their joint monograms on it.

What is extra special about the envelope this year, is it features a red inside that matches the monogram.

The reply is the family's usual Christmas Card. The front features the couple's joint monogram.

The inside of the card features the message "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year," in Dutch, French, German & English.  The signatures are printed on, but are different than the signatures used in the family's past Christmas cards. The kid's names are listed in order of age.

The inside of the card also features a photo of the family. The photo is from a set taken in honor of King Philippe's 5th anniversary of accession.

(L-R: Eléonore, Mathilde, Gabriel, Elisabeth, Philippe, Emmanuel) 

I was looking back on all my past Christmas Replies from them, to see how the kids have grown, and it looks like Prince Emmanuel is wearing the same tie as his brother from the Christmas 2015 card.

The Denmark Royal website has updated its address for the Royals. Their new address is:

Postboks 2143
1256 København K

This address is for all the Denmark Royals.

As always you can find all the Royal addresses here. I did go through the list for the current European Royals and double check them all, as I do once or twice a year. And I am paying close attention to see if there is any change with the British Royals given the renovations to Buckingham Palace.

Addressed for Former Monarchies can often be hard to find, and keep up-to-date. So, on my list of Former Monarchies Address, I like to write the year someone wrote using that address and got a reply, to denote how up-to-date the address is. So, if you write to a Former Monarchy at the address on my list and get a reply, let me know and I will mark it.

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