Sunday, October 2, 2016

Queen Paola of Belgium - Birthday Reply (2016)

This arrived yesterday from Belgium. I had written to Queen Paola (King Philippe's mother) last month for her 79th birthday.

The reply came in a very beautiful envelope. The back has her address on the sides in French and Dutch, and the name of the Castle where she lives with her husband, Chateau du Belvedere.

What is most special about the envelope is the inside has this purple tissue paper. I think this is definitely one of my favorite envelopes.

Purple, as you know, is the color of royalty (in certain parts of the world) and Paola uses it for her Royal Cypher. Some of you will complain that this color isn't purple, it's too red. But, did you know what is considered the color purple is different in various parts of the world?

Inside is a typed note, in French. The signature and date are printed on. Queen Paola would have hand-signed one copy, that was then scanned and printed on all the cards.

The message translates to:
Thank you for your kind wishes sent on the occasion of my birthday. 
Your attention really touched me.
Paola 11.9.2016 
The date is her birthday, 11th September. The 9 is written in Roman Numerals.

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