Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hereditary Prince Alois & Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein - Christmas Reply (2016)

Today, my first Royal Christmas reply of 2016 came! This was a pretty quick reply. It helps that I wrote early when they weren't swamped with Christmas Wishes. Don't expect this good luck, even if you wrote to Liechtenstein around the same time as me. Remember it takes a while for them to reply to everyone so you could get your's weeks apart from someone else.

I had sent my letter to Hereditary Prince Alois and Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein on November 20th, so it took just over 2 weeks to get a reply. It is very lovely. The card is the same style as one I received for Princess Sophie's Birthday. But, obviously, a different typed message.


The message is in German, Liechtenstein's official language. The card reads:
Dear Miss Daly 
Blessed Christmas and all the best in the New Year 
Sophie Liechtenstein Alois Liechtenstein

The signature of Princess Sophie and Prince Alois are printed on. It looks like a secretary filled in the "Dear Miss Daly,"

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Prince Charles - Birthday Reply (2016)

Just as I was fretting about getting all my Christmas Letters written in time, this lovely piece of royal mail arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

I could immediately tell that this was from Prince Charles by the red Prince of Wales' Feathers on the back of the envelope. (They also appear on the top of the letter.)

I had written to Prince Charles for his 68th birthday last month. Usually, Clarence House responds with a photo with a typed message on the back. It's a generic birthday thank you, they send out to everyone.

But this year I received a very nice and personal letter from Miss Claudia Spens. (I know other people received the usual photo reply.)

The letter reads:
Dear Miss Daly, 
The Prince of Wales has asked me to thank you for your letter of 3rd November.  
His Royal Highness was grateful for your wonderful words of support and he greatly appreciated the generous nature of your comments regarding Poundbury. This really was most thoughtful of you.  
The Prince of Wales thoroughly enjoyed his recent tour of Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. His Royal Highness was overwhelmed by the warm reception and wonderful welcome he received throughout his visit and he appreciated your good wishes.  
The Prince of Wales was touched that you should take the trouble to write as you did. His Royal Highness was heartened by your greetings on the occasion of his 68th birthday and has asked me to send you his sincerest thanks and very best wishes.  
Yours sincerely, 
Claudia Spens
I really liked that the letter mentioned all the things I talked about in my birthday letter to Charles. Often letters can be kind of vague, "Thank you for your kind wishes," but this mentions specifically what I wrote about.

I also think this is one of the longest letters I have received from a royal.

I sent my letter on November 3rd. This came December 1st, so it took just under a month.