Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sarah, Duchess of York - 60th Birthday Second Reply

A lovely reply arrived this week from the UK. I was very surprised to get this, as I had already received a birthday reply from Duchess Sarah. This isn't the first time I've accidentally gotten a double reply from Sarah. Last year I got two Christmas replies from her. And I have gotten a few other double replies from other royals over the years.

But this is the first time the two replies have been are drastically different. My first reply was a personal letter from Duchess Sarah that was hand-signed. This 2nd reply is what Duchess Sarah sent out to almost everyone who wrote for her birthday.

The envelope features the red first-class box with the Royal's PPI (Printed Postage Impressions) number. PPI numbers are unique numbers that allow people/organizations to "print their own postage" and then the Royal Mail can use the number to charge their account. The Royal's PPI number is W4047. The number changed earlier this year. Previously, it was W7047.

It will be interesting to see if Sarah stops using the Royal Family's PPI account (which is paid for by the sovereign grant) now that Andrew has stepped down from official duties.

The back of the envelope is blank.

The reply is a photo card, with typed message on the back. The photo is actually quite large. It is bigger than the typical photo card from Clarence House. 

The photo is of Sarah arriving at Claridge's in London for the Hello! Magazine's Mother & Daughter Afternoon Tea to mark the International Day of the Girl. Sarah was joined at the event by Princess Eugenie. The photo was taken by Neil Mockford on October 10, less than a week before Sarah's birthday. It is interesting that they choose such a recent photo. This means, of course, that these cards weren't made that far in advance. 

The back of the card features a typed message and printed on the signature. It is the same signature we have seen Sarah use for years. To compare the size of the card and signatures, the photo includes Duchess Sarah's birthday reply from last year.

Duchess Sarah's 2019 & 2018 Birthday Reply 

This year's card reads:
Thank you so much for your birthday wishes. It was most kind of you to think of me on the occasion of my 60th birthday.  

I take great pleasure in sending you my heartfelt gratitude.  


15th October 2019

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