Saturday, November 3, 2018

Sample Letters/Cards - Christmas

Here are some sample letters and cards to the Royal for Christmas

If you would like to submit your own letter/card, email me at or direct message me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

I will pick a few of the best that represent a range of styles for the more formal to informal, personal, creative, long, short, etc. And I will remove any sensitive personal information like your address, last name, (First name too if you want), etc.

Sample 1: Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla (2017)

I hand wrote in "Dear Your Royal Highnesses," & "Yours Sincerely, Gertrude Daly." The address at the bottom has been blacked out.

Sample 2: King Albert & Queen Paola of Belgium (2016)
I hand wrote in "Dear Your Majesties," & "Gertrude Daly." The address at the top has been blacked out.

Sample 3: Christmas Card (2018)

Inside of one of the handmade cards. (Note: I would mention who you are writing to in your card & on the envelope. Sometimes the royals' mail is answered by a general correspondence office, so they are answering mail for a lot of different royals. And you want to make it clear who you are writing to, so they can give you the right reply.)

Front of one of the cards.

Front of one of the cards. (Note: While I love handmade cards, you do want to be careful. A little decoration should be fine. But if the envelope is an unusual size, shape, weight, is square, has an uneven thickness, etc. it might be "nonmachinable," which means it can't go through the postal office's normal machines. And that usually means it will require extra stamps.)

Front of one of the cards.

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