Monday, September 6, 2021

Condolence Replies for Prince Philip

Following Prince Philip's death in April, I wrote to a number of members of the British Royal Family to express my condolences. I received replies back from everyone, except for the Sussexes. You can find a detailed blog post about each reply via the link below. 

1 reply used black edging on the envelope (Wessex).

2 replies make no direct mention of Prince Philip: Charles's & Anne.

3 replies used special mourning envelopes: The Queen, Charles & The Wessexes

4 of the replies feature a photo of Prince Philip. Prince Charles's reply used the oldest photo, from 1958. And the other photos were from 2011 (The Queen), 2012 (Cambridges) & unable to identify date (Wessex). 

5 Replies used black edging. Prince Andrew's was the only one not to. 

The replies and envelopes featured 

  • 4 different Badges (Philip, Charles 2x, Andrew)
  • 3 different Monograms (William, Kate, Anne)
  • 2 Different Coat of Arms (Queen, Wessex Combined)
  • 1 Cypher (Queen)

Prince Philp is referred to as: 
  • "His Royal Highness Prince Philp, Duke of Edinburgh" (Queen & Wessex)
  • "His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh" (Andrew)
  • "The Duke of Edinburgh" (Cambridges)

3 cards mention the royal's relationship to Prince Philip
  • "My Husband" - Queen
  • "My Father" - Andrew
  • "Their much loved Grandfather & great-grandfather" - Cambridges