Thursday, February 7, 2019

Evolution of Charles & Camilla's Postcard-Size Photocard

Clarence House's standard reply is, for many events, a postcard-size photocard. This post charts the evolution of the postcard-size photocard for Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla.

I attribute the redesigns mainly to cost-cutting measures. Clarence House received 40-80 thousand letters & cards each year. So, a little bit saved on each reply could equal hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Note: Each version's photocards could be vertical or horizontal depending on the photo used.

Version #1 (2014-2016)
Version #1 Front

Version #1 Back

  • Glossy finish on photo
  • Typed message on back in italics

Version #2 (2017-2018)
Version #2 Front

Version #2 Back

  • Same as Version #1 except: 
    • Added white border around the photo
      • (Uses 20%-30% less ink)

Version #3 (2019-present)

Version #3 front
Version #3 Back

  • Same as Version #2, except
    • Added Prince of Wales feathers on back
    • Smaller font 
    • Slightly smaller card (about 1mm)
    • Thinner and lighter cardstock
    • No glossy finish on photo